The Future Of Equity Fundraising

We navigate founders, startup teams, and public companies through the fundraising lifecycle so you can achieve your growth goals faster, keep more equity, and achieve bigger exits and higher valuations.

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crowd funding

For startup founders with an MVP and the right story, Reg CF is a great option for providing seed and growth stage capital from retail investors. New Reg CF rules allow companies to raise up to $5 million through this vehicle.

private raises

For both private and public companies who are looking to attract a bigger capital infusion without having to jump through the regulatory process of a Reg CF or Reg A+ Offering. Market your offering to accredited investors through a Reg D 506c offering.

public offerings

Using new SEC rules, you are now able to raise up to $75 million for your growth stage company via a Reg A+ offering. We then use this vehicle to take companies public via a direct listing with any major U.S. based exchange such as NASDAQ or NYSE.

More Than A Crowdfund Marketing Agency

From taking companies public to leading $75 million financing rounds, our team has experience at every stage of a companies lifecycle. That’s why when founders are ready to accelerate their growth and raise capital fast, they partner with Crowdcap. 

Here's how we do it...

Fundraising Strategy

Legal Documents and Filings

Launch Strategy

Funnel Creation

Investor Acquisition

Multi-Channel Marketing

Investor Relations

Fundraising Technology

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